Thursday, August 7, 2014

Celestial Star Quilt Along

I was so excited to get started on the QAL over at from blank pages I just dove right in! I spent so much time on the quilt that I neglected to blog. Quilting (even new quilting like this lovely paper piecing) is well within my comfort zone. Blogging not so much. So please bare with me. I know this is a bit clunky. But I will figure this out and get better.
The first thing I did was pick out my fabrics so that I could start coloring.

I decided my batik collection that I have been hoarding for the perfect project was, well, perfect.
Then I got out my markers. Yeah, I'm 51 and loving my Crayola markers. I bought them trying to convince myself they were for my granddaughter. But now the truth is out.

I tested all the markers to get the closest match to my batiks. I was lovin' it!
So I colored away and cut out the blocks I liked.

Then I took a photo and turned it to grey scale. Not the greatest contrast but was certain that the colors would still be what I was after. 

Then I started cutting out the fabrics! I was on a roll!

I think glue basting is the greatest! Take note: Don't use a pin to sop the glue.


 Then I started running into troubles...
  ...and needing lots of tape.

 But was VERY happy when I got the first section done. Problem was the quadrants didn't line up real well. I hope to blog later on how I remedied that. But for now some more pics.

 I'm happy with my second block!

I'll let you know how my third block is doing. Eeee! I'm so excited! 


  1. Your blocks are looking great. I love how everyone's blocks look so different, its a great block for that.

    1. Yes it is a fun block for switching out fabrics. Thanks for commenting. It's encouraging. I'm very new at blogging. I get excited every time I see a comment :)

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  3. You've done a beautiful job!! This pattern is amazing! It's allowed us to really dig into our creativity. I've finished 12 blocks for my quilt. But, really want to make a larger block for my wall. Keep up the great work!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I'm far from a quilter, but the details and colors are so inspiring! Keep up the blogging! :)

  5. Your blocks look amazing! Such precise points. I've just finished five Ohio Star blocks to make a tablerunner and there was quite a lot of unpicking before the points appeared! I've just started blogging too! Keep us posted on your progress. Your photos and explanations are beautifully clear.