Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mom's Quilt

It's close to Mother's Day so I thought I would start my blog with this quilt- a gift of love for my mommy made in 2012. I was just starting to understand the world of blogging and learning new words like "piano keys", "free motion quilting" and "curved piecing" so I tried them all!


 I was so pleased with myself! Especially with my color choices. This is when I decided I could not get enough of color!

 Or enough of fabric! I'm known as a very frugal person... Okay... a tightwad.  But for some unknown reason when it comes to fabric it was hard to stop myself. With normal shopping, whether for groceries or shoes, I always have a pretty good idea as to what I am spending. But when I get to the counter at Joann's or a LQS and say, "How much?!" and then to my daughter's surprise SPEND THE MONEY we gotta figure something has changed.

 Another change since I started quilting is my lack of fear. I had no idea what I was doing when attempting this giant curve. I remember telling myself, "It will be okay. If I can't rip the stitches out to fix any mistakes I can just cut it all up into smaller pieces and make another quilt." So I just layered the fabric, grabbed my new rotary cutter and went at it!

Yeah, and then there is free motion quilting. Setting more fear aside I scribbled all over the quilt. I'm so very glad I've improved on this. HA!


  1. its very pretty...... please stop back by my blog and see the button on the side about making your blog beautiful, One thing you need here is a Blovin button for us to join you.. keep in touch..

    1. I went to the site and had trouble with the instructions so I googled it and was able to get the button. Yeah me! So the "Follow by email" doesn't seem to work. Do you know anything about that?